• We are one of the oldest centres in UCMAS UAE being with them since inception
  • We hold an amazing track record of producing majority of Grand Champions, World Champions & Winners every year in the International Competition.
  • We were chosen as the Best Franchisee throughout UAE. Our accolades, awards and the satisfaction we provide to our parents speaks for us.
  • In addition to all of this, identifying and training exceptional talents to participate and compete with best of the best in the world is our Forte!
  • We have helped many children win Medals in competitions held across the world such as Germany, London etc.
  • This has not only helped them win the prestigious Hamdan Award of UAE, it has also boosted their confidence and helped them succeed in life by choosing a successful career path later in life!
  • This is a tailor made option that is made available based on your Childs talent. Talk to us for more details.
  • In short, We are a team of dedicated teachers working sincerely towards making every child a Genius!!